Jesse Lee Green Family

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Pictures of Jesse and Dolly's Family


Jesse and Dolly Family 1964

Photo 445, 1964.  Jesse and Dolly with sons Richard and Johnny.  Edd was in the air Force.


Jesse and Dolly Family 1978

Photo 446, 1978.  Some of Jesse and Dolly's grendkids. Back: Elizabeth and Kristy.  Middle: Timothy and Jonathan.  Front: ????, Malissa, and Ginger. 


Jesse and Dolly Family 1979

Photo 447, 1979. Christopher, Ginger, Elizabeth, Kristy, Timothy, and Malissa.


Jesse and Dolly Family 1988

Photo 448, 1988. Dolly with grandkids.  Back: Malissa, Christopyer, and Dolly.  Front: Jonathan, Elizabeth, Kathryne, and Alliceanne.


Jesse and Dolly Family 1991

Photo 449, 1991.  Edd, ????, Aliceanne, Elizabeth, Jonathan, Kim with Joshua and Jessica, Kristy, Ginger, Timothy, Elaine, Johnny, and Richard.  Correct this, please.  What is the occasion?


Jesse and Dolly Family 1992

Photo 450, 1992.  Dolly's boys Rich, Edd, Chris, and Johnny, with Josh and Jon at Dolly's home after Malissa's graduation from High School.


Jesse and Dolly Family 1992

Photo 451, 1992.  Dolly and Girls. Back: Ruth, Kim, Elizabeth, and Dolly. Front: Jessi, Aliceanne, Kathryne, and Malissa who just graduated from High School.


Jesse and Dolly Family 2004

Photo 4452, 2004.  Some of Dolly's bunch on a fishing trip in Northen Minnesota.  Back: Glenn, Rich, and Edd. Front: ???? and son ???? (Elaine's brother and nephew), Jacob (Tim's son), Johnny, and Tim.