Jesse Lee Green Family

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Jesse Lee Green was born Sept 24, 1920, Canute, OK.

Jesse married Clara Bell "Dolly" Hardage Apr 6, 1946 at Kansas City, MO.

Dolly was born Aug 22, 1923 at Talbert, TX.


Edward Lee born Aug 29, 1942 at Tulsa, OK.

Johnny Darrell born Jun 14, 1952 at Mather AFB, Sacromento, CA.

Richard Farrell born Apr 28, 1954 at Tinker AFB, Oklahoma City, OK.

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Jesse died Jan 7, 1989 at Oklahoma City and buried at the Berlin, OK cemetery.


Dolly married Mace Perry Feb 17, 1996 at Del City, OK.

Mace was born ???? at ????.


Jesse Lee Green 1923

Photo 425, 1921.  Jesse Lee Green.


Jesse Lee Green 1926

Photo 426, 1923.  Jesse.  Not sure of the date. Please send me some details.


Jesse Lee Green Graduating class 1940

Photo 427, 1940.  Jesse's HS graduating class at Cheyenne High School.

Back Row: Ben Frank, Jesse Green, Calvin Rice, Ray Brothers, Dale Wesner, Guy Davis, Elwyn Kendall, Lee Roark, Addie Bowers, Kathleen Brady, Billie Higgins, and Leroy Guy.

Seated: Teacher Carl Cox, J.T. Boggs, Jonnaeve Turnard, Anna Lee Cox, Jack Drake, Minnie Mae Watson, Juretta Steere, Margaret Turbyfield, Pauline Bradshaw, and Joan Finch.


Jesse Lee Green 1941

Photo 428, 1941. Jesse served in WWII from ??/??/???? to ??/??/????. He was a ???? and was stationed in ???? and ????.


Clara Bell "Dolly" Hardage 1943

Photo 433, 1943.  After the war, Jesse returned to Fredrick, OK and met Clara Bell "Dolly" Hardage at Vernon, TX. They were married April 1, 1946 and began their life together at ????. Need Help, Dolly.

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Jesse Lee Green 1947

Photo 429, 1947.  Dolly and Jesse in the Bar they purchased in ???? at Cheyenne, OK.


Jesse Lee Green 1950

Photo 430, 1950.  Jesse, Dolly, and Dolly's son who Jesse had Adopted.


Jesse Lee Green 1955

Photo 431, 1955. Jesse rejoined the Air Force in ???? and was stationed at ???, ????, and Tinker AFB in Oklahoma City where he retired as a ????? in ????.


Jesse Lee Green 1966

Photo 432, 1966.  Jesse in his yard in Del City, Oklahoma. More Details, please.


Jesse and Dolly 1975

Photo 434, 1975.  Jesse and Dolly.


Jesse and Dolly 1980s

Photo 435, 1981.  Dolly and Jesse.


Jesse Lee Green 1985

Photo 436, 1985.  Jesse decided to grow a santa beard.


Jesse Lee Green Memorial 1989

Photo 437, 1989.  Jesse passed away in 1989 and is buried at Berlin Cemetery, Berlin Oklahoma.