Edward Lee Green Family

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Edward Lee Green was born Aug 29, 1942 at Tulsa, OK.

Edd married Linda Ruth Duroy on Feb 9, 1963 at Village, OK.

Ruth was born Nov 2, 1942 at Stillwater, OK.


Edward "Eddi" Joe Charles St Pierrie born Mar 8, 1958 at Kirsersaauteh, Germany.


Elisabeth Kaye born Nov 12, 1969 at Oklahoma City, OK.

Christopher Lee born Aug 9, 1974 at Oklahoma City, OK.

Aliceanne Ruth born Aug 13, 1981 at Oklahoma City, OK.

Kathryne Jayne born Nov 18, 1983 at Oklahoma City, OK.

Jonathan Edward born Nov 15, 1986 at Oklahoma City, OK.


1942 Edd Green Baby

Photo 138, 1942.  Edd was born in Tulsa, Ok, shown here with his mother, Dolly.


1943 Edd Green

Photo 139, 1943. One year old Edd in Vernon, TX.


1949 Edd Green

Photo 140, 1949.  School picture of Edd at school in Cheyenne, OK.  His mother married Jesse Green in 1946, then Jesse adopted Edd.  Edd started school in Cheyenne, OK in 1948.


1952 Edd Green

 Photo 141, 1952. He first lived in Sacromento, CA then moved to Munich, Germany, tripoli, Libia, and finally Altus, OK.  Edd moved several times because his father rejoined the Air Force in 1950. 


1955 Edd Green

  Photo 142, 1955.  Edd at home in Munich, Germany.  Add more, Edd.


1961 Edd Green

 Photo 143, 1960. Edd graduated from Altus High School.  His parents moved to Porta Rico but Edd stayed in an apartment in Altus in preparation to attend Oklahoma State University in Sept, 1961.


1962 Edd Green In the Air Force.

 Photo 144, 1962. After a semester at OSU, Edd decided to join the Air Force.  He went to boot camp beginning in April, 1962 at Lackland AFB in San Antonio, TX.  Then Edd took Missile training in Denver, Co, then was assigned to Sembach AFB, in Kirsersaauter, Germany.


1962 Edd and Ruth Green

 Photo 145, 1962.  Edd married his college girlfriend, Linda Duroy, in 1963.  They lived in Germany until 1966 then moved to their home in North Oklahoma City.


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1994 Edd, Dolly, Chris Green

 Photo 146, 1994. Edd and his son Chris with Dolly at her home in Del City.  Edd had attended OSU Tech in Oklahoma City and obtained an Associate Degree in Electronic Tech in 1967.  Edd completed his BS in electroic Engineering in 1976, from OSU in Stillwater, OK.  Edd worked for General Electric, Honeywell, Control Data, and Seagate all in the same building in Oklahoma City.

2003 Edd Green

 Photo 147, 2003. Edd relaxing at a restaurant in Cheyenne, OK.  Edd visited Cheyenne often and was making plans to retire in the area. After Seagate closed their facility in Oklahome City, Edd worked for 8 years at Tinker AFB as a ????, finally retiring in ????.

2012 Edd Green

 Photo 148, 2012. Edd at the Spring Green Reunion in Cheyenne, OK.  Edd retired from his government job in 2010 and now lives near Cheyenne, OK.


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