Clyde Murl Green Family

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Clyde Murl Green was born Sept 10, 1931, Cheyenne, OK.

Murl married Dorthy Faye White on Jun 6, 1955, Elk City, OK.

Dorthy was born May 11, 1937, Cheyenne, OK.


Murl DeWayne born Feb 21, 1959, Cheyenne, OK.

Donna Sue born Mar 2, 1962, Cheyenne, OK.

Deborah Faye born Apr 22, 1964, Cheyenne, OK.

Betty Jane born Jan 29, 1970, Cheyenne, OK.


Murl died Dec 25, 2002 and Dorthy died Mar 14, 2003, Cheyenne, OK.

Both are buried at Berlin Cemetery.

Clyde Murl Green - 1932

Photo 688, 1932.  Clyde Murl Green just a few months old.  He was born Sept 10, 1931 on a farm South of Cheyenne, OK to Clyde and Mildred (Jencks) Green.


Clyde Murl Green - 1935

Photo 689, 1935.  Murl at four years old in California.  Murl became an "Okie" in 1934, when his family moved to California to escape the "Dust Bowl".  The family moved back to Oklahoma in 1937 and Murl started school in Cheyenne.


Murl Green, Grandma Jencks, Siblings - 1941

Photo 690, 1941.  Murl, at right, with his Grandma Jencks, sister Fay, and brother Glenn.  Murl was devastated with the loss of his mother in 1940.


Clyde Murl Green - 1949

Photo 691, 1949.  Murl drove the bus while attending Cheyenne High School.  He attended Cheyenne Schools except for the 7th grade where he attended Berlin School.  The family lived on a farm south of Cheyenne, OK.


Murl Green Graduation - 1951

Photo 692, 1951.  Murl's graduation picture.  A year after graduating Cheyenne High School, Murl was drafted in to the Army on Nov 24, 1952.


Murl Green in Army - 1953

Photo 693, 1953.  Murl served in the Korean War for a year and then was stationed in Japan until his discharge on Nov 24, 1954.


Murl and Dorthy Wedding - 1955

Photo 694, 1955.  After military service, Murl returned to Cheyenne where he met Dorthy Faye White.  Dorthy was born May 11, 1937 at Cheyenne, OK, to Warren and Edna (Fleshman) White.  After a courtship, Murl and Dorthy were married on Jun 3, 1955, and started their life together on a farm Southeast of Cheyenne, operating a dairy business.


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Murl and Dorthy Green - 1969

Photo 695, 1969.  Murl and Dorthy moved into Cheyenne in 1958 where Murl worked for Haight Implement Company as a mechanic.  In 1963, they bought a farm South of Cheyenne.  There they built a house, farmed, and raised four children.  This picture was taken in front of that house.


Murl and Dorthy Green - 1978

Photo 696, 1978.  Dorthy and Murl at the home place South of Cheyenne, shortly after his Dad passed away.


Murl Green - 1984

Photo 697, 1984.  Murl at the Green family reunion which Murl attended every year.  He worked for the Oklahoma State Highway Dept. from 1973 until his retirement in 1987.


Dorthy and Murl Green - 1991

Photo 698, 1991.  Dorthy and Murl at their daughter Betty's wedding.  They bought a home in Cheyenne and moved there in 1988.


Murl and Dorthy Green - 2000

Photo 699, 2000.  Dorthy and Murl enjoying their retirement. 


Murl and Dorthy at Murl's 70th - 2001

Photo 700, 2001.  Murl and Dorthy at Murl's 70th birthday celebration.


Murl passed away on Christmas day, Dec 25, 2002 and Dorthy passed away three months later on Mar 14, 2003.  They are buried in the cemetery at Berlin, OK.


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