Clyde Burl Green Family

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Clyde's Grandchildren


Clyde's Grandchildren - 1967

Photo 75, 1967.  Glenn and Fay's children during a visit to Glenn's in Colorado.

Joe Robinson Jr. in back.  Front: Nila, Lori Robinson, Melinda, Terri Robinson, and Travis.


Clyde's Grandchildren - 1968

Photo 76, 1968.  Going fishing during a visit to Granpa's on the farm.

Back: Joe Robinson Jr., Wayne, Nila, and Travis.  Front: Donna, Lori Robinson, Melinda, Terri Robinson, and Clyde.


Clyde's Grandchildren - 1968

Photo 77, 1968.  On that same visit to Grandpa's from left: Joe Robinson Jr., Nila in front, Travis in back, Melinda, Donna, Lori Robinson, Terri Robinson, and Debra behind Wayne.


Clyde's Grandchildren - 1969

Photo 78, 1969.  Glenn's family visits Granpa's farm.  From left: Clyde, Nila, Travis, Randy, and Melinda.


Clyde's Grandchildren - 1970

Photo 79, 1970.  Murl and Glenn's kids at Grandpa's.  From left: Randy, Melinda, Travis, Debra, Donna,

 Nila, and Wayne.


Clyde's Grandchildren - 1973

Photo 80, 1973.  All of Murl(1), Fay(2), and Glenn's(3) children during a visit to grandpa's.

From left:Betty Jane(1), Randy(3), Melinda(3), Debra(1), Travis(3), Donna(1), Nila(3), Terri(2), Wayne(1),

 Lori(2), and Joe Jr.(2).