Glenn Everett Green Family

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Glenn Everett Green was born Mar 15, 1938, Near Cheyenne, OK.

Married Wanda Dean Moore on Nov 3, 1962, Biloxi, MS.

Wanda was born May 22, 1945, Chattanooga, TN.


Nila Sue born Nov 25, 1963, Corvallis, OR.

Travis Allen born Nov 25, 1964, Corvallis, OR.

Melinda Marie born Jun 30, 1966, Air Force Academy, CO.

Randy Lane born Jun 28, 1967, Denver, CO.

Glenn Green -1938

Photo 234, 1938.  Glenn was born at home in a rock house, 5 south and 1/2 miles east of Cheyenne, OK.  In 1939, his parents bought and moved to a farm two miles further east.  Shortly after the move, Glenn's mother Mildred, was diagnosed with stomach cancer and died in 1940 just one month before Glenn's second birthday.  That farm is owned by Glenn today.


Glenn Green -1945

Photo 235, about 1945.  Glenn's Dad remarried and the family moved to a ranch three miles north of Berlin, OK.  Glenn attended first grade at Berlin School where Glenn and his two older siblings had to ride a horse to school.


Glenn Green -1952

Photo 236, 1952.  The family bought and moved to a home 4 1/2 miles south of Cheyenne in 1945.  Glenn then attended Cheyenne schools for the next 11 years.

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Glenn Green -1956

Photo 237, 1956.  Glenn graduated from Cheyenne High school in 1956.  He then attended Southwestern Oklahoma State University in Weatherford, OK, majoring in Mathematics and Physics.  He achieved his Bachelors degree in 1960.


Glenn Green, 2nd Lt, USAF - 1962

Photo 238, 1962 (hand colored).  After spending 18 month working on a Masters degree at OSU in Stillwater, OK, Glenn was about to be drafted, so he joined the Air Force in February of 1962.  Because of his college degree, Glenn was afforded the opportunity to complete Officers Training School, and was commissioned a Second Lieutenant on June 26, 1962.

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Glenn and Wanda's Wedding - 1962

Photo 239, 1962.  While in training at Keesler AFB in Biloxi, MS, Glenn met and married Wanda Dean Moore, who was also in the Air Force and stationed at Keesler AFB.

(See more pictures of the wedding) Wanda was from Chattanooga, TN, and was born May 22, 1943 in Chattanooga. (See some pictures of Wanda and her family)


Glenn and Wanda Green's Family - 1970

Photo 240, 1970.  Wanda and Glenn and children Nila, Randy, Melinda, and Travis.  Wanda resigned from the Air Force, and Glenn was stationed in Oregon where their first two children were born, Nila Sue, Nov 25, 1963 and Travis Allen, Nov 25, 1964.  Glenn was then stationed in Colorado Springs and Melinda Marie was born Jun 30, 1966 at the Air Force Academy.  Glenn and Wanda then adopted another boy, Randy Lane who was born in Denver on Jun 28, 1967.

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Glenn Green Masters Degree - 1975

Photo 241, 1975.  Because of his achievements, Glenn was appointed to attend Texas A&M University full time at Air Force Expense to obtain an advanced degree.  He was awarded a Masters degree in Computer Science in 1975.

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Glenn Green -1983

Photo 242, 1983.  Glenn retired from the Air Force in 1982, then spent the next six years teaching at the University of Oklahoma and working on a Doctors Degree.  Before attaining the Doctors Degree, Glenn and Wanda moved to Cheyenne, OK.  They bought 20 acres of pasture land and built their dream home where they currently reside.

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Glenn and Wanda Green - 1994

Photo 243, 1994.  Glenn and Wanda.  (See pictures of Glenn & Wanda's children)

Glenn  worked three jobs around Cheyenne: TV station operator for Channel 12, Cheyenne, OK, Teacher at SWOSU in Weatherford, OK, and Computer Programmer at GPRMC hospital in Elk City, OK.


Glenn and Wanda Green - 2002

Photo 244, 2002.  Wanda and Glenn.  Glenn retired from all jobs in 2000 and currently runs a cow-calf farming operation on family land He and Wanda have accumulated over the years.


Glenn and Wanda Green - 2007

Photo 245, 2007.  Glenn and Wanda are enjoying retirement.  They attend First Baptist Church in Cheyenne, OK and especially love seeing their seven grandchildren.

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2009. Glenn and Wandy

Photo 465, 2009.  Glenn & Wanda.