Loretta Fay (Green) Family

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Fay Loretta (Green) Robinson was born May 19, 1935, El Centro, CA.

She married Joe Don Robinson Mar 23, 1955, Chickasha, OK.

Joe was born Jan 5, 1935 at Snyder, OK.


Joe Don Robinson Jr. born Jun 19, 1957, Selfridge AFB, MI.

Loretta June born May 6, 1959, George AFB, Victorville, CA.

Terri Sue born Mar 11, 1961, Honolulu, HI.


Joe died Jan 11, 2010 and is buried at Berlin Cemetery.

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Fay Green - 1936

Photo 567, 1936.  Fay Loretta Green in California.  Fay was born May 19, 1935 to Clyde & Mildred Green at El Centro, California.  The family had moved to California during the depression to find work to support not only Clyde's family but to help his parents in Oklahoma.


Fay Green and brothers - 1938

Photo 568, 1938.  Fay with brothers, Glenn and Murl.  Her family had moved back to Cheyenne, Oklahoma in 1937.  Shortly after Glenn's birth, Mildred developed stomach cancer & passed away February 1, 1940.


Fay Green with Brothers, Aunt - 1941

Photo 569, 1941.  Aunt Frances Green, Murl, Fay, and Glenn.  Fay's dad, Clyde, married Thelma Watson in 1942.  She had a daughter, Joy, and later three more daughters were born into the family.


Fay Green - 1952

Photo 570, 1952.  Fay at a friend's house.  Fay grew up South of Cheyenne on four different farms, doing chores consistent with farm life at the time.


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Fay Green Senior Picture - 1953

Photo 659, 1953.  Fay's Senior picture.  Fay graduated from Cheyenne High School in May 1953 as valedictorian. She then attended Oklahoma College for Women in Chickasha, Oklahoma to become a mathematics teacher.


Joe and Fay Robinson - 1955

Photo 571, 1955.  Joe and Fay Robinson.  While at Chickasha, Fay met a young man named Joe Robinson.  Joe later joined the Air Force while Fay continued working toward her degree at college.  When Joe was on leave at Christmas 1954, they became engaged and were united in marriage March 23rd 1955 at the Nazarene Parsonage in Chickasha.


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Joe and Fay Robinson with Joe Jr. - 1958

Photo 572, 1958.  Joe and Fay with son Joe Robinson, Jr.  While stationed in Michigan, Joe and Fay became the proud parents of their first child, Joe Don, Jr. born June 19, 1957.  Joe was stationed at George Air Force Base, California where their second child, Loretta June, was born May 6, 1959.


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While waiting for living quarters in Hawaii, Fay stayed at Joe's parents home and completed her college degree in 1959.

 Joe was stationed in Hawaii where their third child, Terri Sue, was born March 11, 1961.


Joe and Fay Robinson - 1967

Photo 574, 1967.  Joe & Fay At Kanto Mura AFB, Japan. They lived on the base at Kanto Mura where Joe ran the Base Telephone office and Fay taught at the Junior High.  Joe and Fay were also stationed in Nebraska, Japan, South Carolina, Arizona, England, and Oklahoma City.  Fay was able to find teaching positions everywhere they were stationed.  She taught High School mathematics.


Fay and Clyde Green at Masters Graduation - 1971

Photo 573, 1971.  Fay with Dad, Clyde Green.

In July 1971, Fay earned her Masters' degree in Mathematics Education at Southeastern Oklahoma State University.  Joe Sr. was unable to attend the ceremony because he was in England. Fay's father, Clyde, and her children, Joe Jr., Lori & Terri were present for her receiving the master's degree in math education.


Joe and Fay Robinson - 1978

Photo 575, 1978.  Joe and Fay.  Joe retired from the Air Force in 1974. Joe accepted a position with Sooner State Telephone Company in Blanchard, OK where he worked for the next seven years.  Fay was teaching at Crutcho School in Midwest City, OK.  At the end of May 1981, Joe & Fay both resigned their jobs and moved into their farm in Cheyenne, OK, where they had built a new home.


Joe and Fay Robinson - 1995

Photo 576, 1995.  Fay and Joe.  Joe and Fay both worked in the Cheyenne area.  Joe retired from OETA in 1997 and Fay, after teaching for 30 years, retired from Sayre High School in 1976.  They then started a cow-calf operation on their farm and began enjoying their retirement.


Joe and Fay Robinson 50th Anniv - 2002

Photo 577, 2002.  Joe and Fay's 50th wedding anniversary.  Joe & Fay chose to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary with their children at Hale Koa, a military resort located on Waikiki, Honolulu, Hawaii.


Joe and Fay Robinson in Hawaii- 2005

Photo 578, 2005.  Fay and Joe in Hawaii.  While in Hawaii, They drove around the island & stopped by the house where they had lived in the early sixties.


 Currently, 2008, they have five grandchildren living nearby: Jon Robinson (29), Chad Robinson (27), Sara Webb (24), David Andrews (22), and Halee Robinson (16). They also have four great-grandchildren: Jake Robinson (4), Ashlyn Robinson (3), Corbin Robinson (3) and Shelby Robinson (1).


Joe died January 11, 2010 of lung cancer.  You can see his memorials here.


2012. Fay Robinson

Photo 467, 2012.  Fay Robinson.