Dixie Burlita (Green) Family

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Dixie Burlita Green was born Apr 3, 1955, Cheyenne, OK.

Dixie married Johnny Hall in 1977 at Santa Cruz, CA.


Nicole D'leila Joy Hall born Feb 2, 1978, San Jose, CA.


Dixie filed for divorce in 1979 and was to go to court for the divorce on February 15, 1979.


Dixie died Feb 14, 1979 in San Jose, CA. and is buried in the Berlin, OK cemetery.


Dixie Burlita Green - 1956

Photo 129, 1956.  Dixie Burlita Green was born April 3, 1955.  She was a happy child with an outgoing personality.


Dixie Burlita Green - 1958

Photo 130, 1958.  Dixie at the family home south of Cheyenne, OK.


Dixie & Deana Green - 1959

Photo 131, 1959.  Dixie and sister Deana at the farm.  Dixie's parents were divorced in 1960 when Dixie was only 5 years old.  Dixie's mother, Thelma, was given custody of Dixie.


Dixie Burlita Green - 1962

Photo 132, About 1962.  After the divorce, Dixie moved to Yuba City with her mother and attended school there.


Dixie and Deana Green - 1965

Photo 133, 1965.  Dixie and Deana at their home in Yuba City, California.  Sometime before the 8th grade, Dixie moved to Oklahoma with her father and graduated from the 8th grade in Cheyenne, OK.  Dixie then went to South Carolina to live with her sister Deana.


I have seen an 8th grade graduation picture of Dixie but I cannot find it.  Do you have and 8th grade graduation picture you could send me?


Dixie Green in Uniform - 1970

Photo 134, 1970.  Dixie in her Navy uniform.  With help from Deana and her husband, Dixie joined the Navy when she was only 15.  Even though that young, Dixie did well in the Navy.  After two years, the Navy found out she was under age, but gave her an honorable discharge with full GI Bill education benefits.


Dixie's Senior Picturre - 1973

Photo 135, 1973.  Dixie returned to Yuba City, California and completed her high school education in 1973.


Dixie and Nikki Hall - 1978

Photo 136, 1978.  Dixie with daughter Nikki.  After high school Dixie moved to San Jose, got a job, and her own apartment.  There she met and married Johnny Hall, and on Feb 2, 1978, a beautiful baby girl was born. Dixie named her Nicole "Nikki" D'leila Joy Hall.


Dixie's Tombstone

Dixie met an untimely death on Feb 14, 1979 in San Jose, CA.  Dixie filed for divorce in 1979 and the judge ordered Dixie to let Johnny Hall have visitation with Nikki the day before the divorce hearing on February 14.  Johnny Hall came to Dixie's mother's apartment where Dixie and Nikki were staying, but instead of visiting with Nikki, he fired several shots killing Dixie. By a miracle, Nikki was unharmed.  Dixie's body was transported to Oklahoma for her funeral and burial in the Berlin, OK cemetery.  With permission from the other brothers and sisters, Dixie's sister Joy then adopted Nikki and raised her as her own.