Deana Marie (Green) Family

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Deana Marie Green was born Dec 4, 1948, Elk City, OK.

Deana married Larry Dale Childers in 1965.


Kimberly Dawn Lawson Childers born Jul 18, 1967 at Yuba City, CA.

Deana and Larry were divorced in 1967.

Deana Married Sigfredo Emanuel Llorens in 1968.


Dara Marie Llorens born Jan 19, 1970 at Fayetteville, NC.

Sigfredo died Jul 1, 1974.

Deana Married Sheridon Hale Groves in 1980.

Sheridan was born Mar 5, 1947 at ????.


Delores Joy Groves born Jun 7, 1983 at Killeen, TX.

Deana and Sheridon were divorced in 1988.

Deana Married Steven Forrest Schroeder Sept 20, 1993 at Killeen, TX.

Adopted Child:

Kuakarn "Tang" Saichua born Jun 5, 1983 in Bangkok, Thailand, Adopted in 1988.