Clyde Burl Green Family

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Some pictures of Clyde's Family


Clyde's Family - 1935

Photo 69, 1935.  Mildred, Fay, Murl and Clyde 


Clyde and Paul Jencks Families - 1939

Photo 70, 1939.  Back: Paul and Bell Jencks, Glenn, Mildred and Clyde.

Front: Juanita Jencks, Fay, JoAnn Jencks, Murl, and Warren Jencks. 


Clyde's Family - 1942 

Photo 71, 1942.  Clyde and Thelma with the children Murl, Fay, Glenn, and Joy.


Clyde's Family - 1945

Photo 72, 1945.  Thelma holding Jo Anna, Clyde and Murl standing behind Fay, Joy, and Glenn. 


Clyde's Family - 1954

Photo 73, 1954.  From left: Glenn, Fay, Jo Anna, Clyde, Joy, Deana, and Thelma.


Clyde's Family - 1958

Photo 74, 1958.  Back: Joy, Glenn, Jo Anna, Murl, and Fay.

Front: Dixie, Thelma, Clyde, and Deana.