Clyde Burl Green Family

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Clude Burl Green born Oct 13, 1909 in McKinney, TX.

Mildred Marie Jencks born Sept 8, 1910 near Cheyenne, OK.

Married Dec 21, 1929 at Elk City, OK.


Clyde Murl born Sept 10, 1931, Cheyenne, OK.

Elizabeth Marie born Feb 15, 1933, Cheyenne, OK.

(Elizabeth died March 12, 1933 of Pneumonia.)

Earnest Lee Green born Dec 11, 1933. (Stillborn)

Fay Loretta born May 19, 1935, El Centro, CA.

Glenn Everett born Mar 15, 1938 near Cheyenne, OK.


Mildred died of stomach cancer Feb 1, 1940, Cheyenne, OK.


Clyde Married Thelma Eudell Watson 1942, Sayre, OK.

Thelma was born Mar 13, 1914, ??????.


Joy Faunsene born Mar 7, 1939, Sayre, OK. (Stepchild)

Joy was adopted by Clyde on ????? at Cheyenne, OK.

Sue Jo Anna born Sept 9, 1944, Elk City, OK.

Deana Marie born Dec 4, 1948, Elk City, OK.

Dixie Burlita born Apr 3, 1955, Cheyenne, OK.


Clyde and Thelma were divorced Jun 28, 1960.


Clyde died of a heart attack Apr 7, 1977, Tucumcari, NM.

Thelma died September 16, 2007.

Clyde's parents were James Daniel "J.D." & Mintie (Slack) Green.  He had one older brother, Carlos, born February 26, 1908.  The family moved to a farm near Canute, Oklahoma in 1912. Five other children were born: Madge, Robert, Nettie, John and Jesse. Carlos died of diphtheria October 17, 1915.


Clyde's mother, Mintie, died of pneumonia on March 16, 1921.


Clyde Burl Green - 1914

Photo 52, 1914.  Clyde five years old on the farm in Canute, Oklahoma.


  Clyde's Dad, J.D., married Alta Hunt in 1923 and they had 5 more children, Homer,

Carl, Carroll, Frances, & Truman. Carroll died at the age of 3 months of dysentery.

In March 1912, the family moved to a farm south of Canute, Oklahoma.


Clyde Green - 1918

Photo 62, 1918.  Clyde age 9 from a family picture.


Clyde's Dad was strict, so he had many chores as he grew up on the farm.  He

achieved an 8th grade education from at Canute, OK.  On January 1, 1929, his

family moved to a farm south of Cheyenne, OK.  Soon, Clyde went to work for

Charles and Hulda Jencks, who had homesteaded south of Cheyenne. There he

met their daughter Mildred Marie Jencks.  Mildred was born Sept 8, 1910.  After a

courtship, Clyde & Mildred were married at the Nazarene Church in Elk City,

Oklahoma on December 21, 1929.  (See copy of their marriage license)


Mildred Jencks - 1929

Photo 68, 1929.  Retouched picture of Mildred Jencks. 


 (See more pictures of Mildred)


After their marriage, Clyde and Mildred lived one year in C.A. Jencks'

"Weaning house", then moved to a dugout on Clyde's father's place. Their

first son, Clyde Murl was born there on September 10, 1931. A girl, Elizabeth Marie

was born February 15, 1933 and died March 12, 1933 of pneumonia.  Funeral

services were conducted at the Needmore Schoolhouse by Rev. Shaw, who

 married Clyde and Mildred.  Burial took place at Berlin cemetery.

(See Elizabeth's Memorials)

Earnest Lee, a second son, was still born on December 11,1933 and is also buried

at Berlin cemetery.  During the Depression and Dust Bowl days, Clyde and Mildred

moved to California settling in El Centro. Their daughter, Fay Loretta was born

there on May 19, 1935.  In 1937 the family moved back to Cheyenne, Oklahoma

to a farm that had belonged to Clyde's grandfather.  Glenn Everett born there on

March 15, 1938.  (See some pictures of Clyde and Mildred)

  In 1939, the family purchased and moved to another farm in the Needmore

community.  Shortly after, Mildred was diagnosed with stomach cancer, and

passed away February 1, 1940 at the Community Hospital in Elk City, Oklahoma. Many people expressed that she was such a warm, friendly and loving person.
 (See Mildred's obituary)


After three years, Clyde married Thelma Eudell Watson in 1942. She had a

daughter, Joy Varnell, from a previous marriage.  Joy was born March 7, 1939.

and was later adopted by Clyde.   In 1944 the family moved to the Taylor Ranch in

the Berlin area where Sue Jo Anna was born on September 9, 1944.  The family

purchased another farm in 1945 located four and one-half miles south of

Cheyenne, which would be the final "home place". They purchased the land from

Verne Jencks, a brother of Mildred, Clyde's first wife.


Clyde with Deana Green - 1950

Photo 63, 1950.  Clyde with Deana at the farm.

In addition to Jo Anna, Clyde and Thelma had two more girls, Deana Marie born

December 4, 1948 and Dixie Burlita born Apr 3, 1955.

(See some family pictures)


Clyde Green - 1956

Photo 64, 1956.  Clyde operating the binder on the farm south of Cheyenne.

Clyde and Thelma had irreconcilable differences and got a divorce June 28, 1960.

The older children had already moved away from home but the younger children

split their time with the parents.  (See pictures of Clyde's Children)


Glyde Green - 1959

Photo 65, 1959.  Clyde at home on his 50th birthday with a grandchild and Glenn

in the background.  Clyde loved to spend time with his grandchildren.

(See pictures of Clyde's grandchildren)

Clyde Green - 1971

Photo 66, 1971.  Clyde visiting his daughter Fay.


Clyde Green - 1974

Photo 67, 1974.  Clyde on the farm.

In 1977, Clyde was visiting his brother John in Tucumcari, NM, and was stricken with a heart attack.  After two days in the hospital, Clyde died Apr 6, 1977.

(See his memorials)