Clyde Burl Green Family

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Clyde's Children


Clyde's Children - 1947

Photo 81, 1947.  This picture shows the house south of Cheyenne and the truck brought back from California.

From left: Jo Anna in front of Fay, Glenn, Murl, and Joy.


Clyde's Children - 1978

Photo 82, 1978, at the farm during the estate settlement.  From left: Glenn, Fay, Jo Anna, Dixie, Joy, Deana,

 and Murl.


  Clyde Green Childen - 1978

Photo 83, 1978.  1,2-Glenn & Wanda 3-Travis(1), 4-Fay (Green) Robinson, 5-Nila(1), 6-Anna Gonzales(9),

 7-Melinda(1), 8-Deana (Green) Groves, 9-Jo Anna (Green) Gonzales, 10-Aimee Groves(8), 11-Randy(1),

 12-Dixie (Green) Hall, 13-Nicole Hall(12), 14-Joe Robinson, 15-Marie Groves(8), 16-Sterling Cruze(17),

 17-Joy (Green) Cruze, 18,19-Murl and Dorthy.