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Reunion Pictures

Family Picture - 1972

Photo 47 taken in Nov, 1972.

From left: Jesse, J.D. and Lydia, Nettie, Robert, Homer, Clyde.  Not pictured: Frances, John, and Madge.


Family Picture - 1976

Photo 48.  The children at the reunion in 1976.

Back: Robert, Clyde, John, Jesse, and Madge.  Front: Homer, Frances, and Nettie.

Family Picture - 1984

Photo 49.  The children at the reunion in 1984.

From left: Madge, Jesse, John, Nettie, Homer, Frances, and Robert.

Family Picture - 1991

Photo 50.  The children at a family reunion in 1991.  From left: Frances, John, Madge, Homer, and Nettie.

Family Picture - 1994

Photo 51.  A family group picture at the Christmas get-together in 1994.

Standing: Homer, Charlie, Frances, Nettie, and Dolly.  Seated: Jay, Cleo, Lester, and Madge.