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Family Visit Pictures

(Correct me if I'm wrong on any picture) 

Family Group 1959

Photo 39, 1959.  Johnny, Nettie and Charlie Sprowls, Dolly, Tavy(Octavia) and Roy Sprowls (Charlie's Parents), Terri Sue Robinson, Alta, J.D., Fay (Green) Robinson, Lori Robinson, Joe Robinson Jr., Lester Pierce, Dale Pierce, Wesley Pirece, Cleo Pierce, Frances (Green) Watson, Thelma, Jay Watson, Elsie and Homer.



Family Group 1959

Photo 40, 1959.  ?, J.D., Wesley Pierce, Alta, Lori Robinson behind Joe Robinson Jr., Fay (Green) Robinson, Lester Pierce, Cleo Pierce, Dale Pierce, Frances (Green) Watson, Thelma (Clyde's Wife), Jay Watson, Elsie and Homer, and Murl.


J.D., Alta, And Children - 1965

Photo 41.  J.D., Alta and children 1965.

From left: Homer, Nettie, Madge, Robert, Alta, Frances, J.D., Jesse, and John.  Not pictured: Clyde.

Family Group - 1965 

Photo 42.  Family group picture in 1965.

Back: Glenn and Wanda, Madge, Dolly, Homer and Elsie, Cleo and Lester, Tom, J.D., ?, Wanda, Janet, Linda.

Middle: Johnny, Wesley, Harley, Alta, Warren, Shorty, Dale.

Front: Frances, Nila (Glenn's Daughter), Jay, Nettie, Kenney, Richard, John, and Donnie.


J.D. and Alta's Grandsons - 1965

Photo 43.  Grandsons 1965.  Johnny, Harley, Kenney, Alta, Richard, J.D., Warren, Donnie, and Tommy.


Sisters - 1965

Photo 44, 1965.  Madge, Frances, and Nettie.


Brothers - 1965

Photo 45, 1965.  Robert, Clyde, and Jesse.