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Pictures of Children and Grandchildren

(Correct me if I'm wrong on any of these pictures)

J.D. and Grandkids - 1943

Photo 28.  J.D. and grandchildren in 1943. From left: Fay, Hope Sprowls, Glenn,

Dwight Erwin, J.D., Joy, Murl, Jim Erwin, and Bill Erwin.


J.D. and Grandkids - 1945

Photo 29.  J.D. and Grandkids 1945.  Back: Murl, J.D. Hope Sprowls, and Bill Erwin.  Front: Glenn, Fay, Dwight Erwin, Joy,

and Jim Erwin.

Contact me if you know the make and model of car and who owned it.


Kids and Grandkids - 1952

Photo 30.  Kids and Grandkids 1952.  Back: Nettie (Green) and Charlie Sprowls. Middle: Frances (Green) Watson, Lavilla,

Hope Sprowls, and Dolly.  Front: Robert Sprowls, Wanda Watson, Linda Watson, Carlene, Larry Sprowls, Sandra, and Edd.


Grandkids - 1953

Photo 31.  Grandkids 1953.  Jim Erwin, Robert Sprowls, Warren, Dwight Erwin, and Glenn.


Grandkids - 1953

Photo 32.  Grandkids 1953.  Wanda Watson, Carlene, Sandra, Jo Anna, and Linda Watson.


J.D., Alta, and Grandkids - 1955

Photo 33.  J.D., Alta & Grandkids 1955: Back: Jim Erwin, J.D., Alta, Fay, and Glenn.

Middle: Jo Anna, Deana, Tommy, Robert Sprowls, and Dwight Erwin.  Front: Janet, Warren, and Mary Beth Sprowls.


J.D., Alta, Kids, and Grandkids - 1956

Photo 34, 1956.  Back: Alta, Wanda Watson, and Nettie (Green) Sprowls.  Middle: Madge (Green) Erwin, Sandra, J.D.,

Mary Beth Sprowls, Hope Sprowls, Carlene, Linda Watson, and Robert Sprowls.  Front: Larry Sprowls


Glenn and Edd - 1958

Photo 35.  Grandkids 1958.  Glenn and Edd.


Grandkids - 1960s

Photo 36.  Grandkids in the 1960s.  Johnny, Harley, Warren, and Richard.


Grandkids - 1965

Photo 37.  Grandkids 1965.  Back: Donnie Watson, Johnny, Warren, Tommy, Linda Watson, and Janet.

Front: Kenney Watson, Harley, Richard, Dale Pierce, Wesley Pierce, and great granddaughter Nila (Glenn's)


Grandkids - 1984

Photo 38.  Grandkids 1984.  Back: Murl, Larry Sprowls, Edd, Tom, Kenney Watson, Donnie Watson, Robert Sprowls, and Glenn.

Front: Harley, Warren, Dwight Erwin, Janet (Green) Blaylock, Fay (Green) Robinson, Linda (Watson) Gould,

and Wanda (Watson) Buchanan.