James Daniel Green



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More Family Pictures

J.D. Children - 1930

Photo 18. Three of J.D.'s sons, Clyde, John, and Jesse about 1934.  This picture shows the two room house occupied by the family. Not visible are the two small rooms that were added in the back.

J.D. Green's Sons - 1934

Photo 19.  The boys in the family about 1934 from left: Truman, Jesse, John, Clyde, Carl, Homer, Robert, and J.D.


Kids and grandkids - 1935

Photo 20.  From left: Frances, Homer, Clyde's daughter Fay, Madge's son Bill, and Carl.

Picture taken about 1935 in front of the family home.


Family Group - 1937

Photo 21.  Family Group about 1937.  Back: Clyde and Mildred, Jesse, ?, ?, Nettie.

Front: Fay, Murl, Truman, Frances, and Margie (J.D.'s Mom).

J.D. and Minti's Kids - 1938

Photo 22.  J.D. and Mintie's children about 1938.  From left: Jesse, John, Nettie, Robert, Madge, Clyde, and J.D.


J.D. and Alta's Kids - 1941

Photo 23.  Truman, Carl, Frances, and Homer about 1941.


The Family - 1941

Photo 24.  A family group picture taken in 1941.  Back: Frances, Carl, and Homer.  Front: Truman, J.D., and Alta.


Family Group - 1943

Photo 25.  Family Group in 1943.  Back: Sue and Robert, J.D. holding Jim, Carl, and Homer.

Front:  Truman, Bill, Alta holding Dwight, Shorty and Madge, and Frances.


Family Group - 1943

Photo 25.  Family Group in 1943.  Children in Front: Truman, Murl, Bill, Glenn, Fay, Joy, and Hope.

Back: J.D. holding Jim, Alta, Carl, Robert, ?, Sue, ?, ?, ?, Madge holding Dwight, Nettie and Charlie, Thelma, and Frances.

Clyde taking picture.