James Daniel Green



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James Daniel "J.D." Green was born Aug 6, 1887 in Omaha, Texas

J.D. married Mintie Slack on Apr 1, 1907 in Sayre, OK.

Mintie was born Dec 3, 1891 in Shongaloo, Louisiana.

Seven children were born to J.D and Mintie:

Carlos Vernon born Feb 26, 1908 in Lufkin, TX.

Clyde Burl born Oct 13, 1909 in McKinney, TX.

Madge Dora born Dec 11, 1911 in Vaughn, NM.

Robert Wesley born Jan 19, 1914, Canute, OK.

Nettie Elizabeth born May 11, 1916, Canute, OK.

John Dwight born May 2, 1918, Canute, OK.

and Jesse Lee born Sept 24, 1920, Canute, OK.

Carlos died of diphtheria Oct 27, 1915.

Mintie died March 16, 1921 of pneumonia.

Mintie and Carlos are buried at Ural cemetery south of Canute.


J.D. married Alta Hunt Jan 2, 1923 at Mobeetie, Texas.

Alta was born May 25, 1894 in Dent County, Missouri.

J.D. and Alta had five more children:

Homer Allen born Dec 19, 1923, Canute, OK.

Carl Daniel born Jan 28, 1925, Canute, OK.

Carroll born Aug 10, 1926, Canute, OK.

Martha Frances born Nov 3, 1927, Canute, OK.

and Truman Arthur born Nov 28, 1928, Canute, OK.

Carroll died at the age of 3 months of dysentery.

Carroll is buried at Ural cemetery south of Canute.


Alta died of an intestinal blockage Jan 1, 1972.

J.D. married Lydia Orgain in July 1972 at Canute, OK.

J.D. died of heart failure on October 29, 1975.

J.D. and Alta are buried in the cemetery at Cheyenne, OK.

Lydia died ??????.

J.D.'s parents were W.R. "Bill" and Margie (Blackburn) Green. The family moved to the Port, Oklahoma area in 1899 where J.D. attended school and achieved an 8th grade education.  In 1907, J.D. married Mintie Slack on the Sayre River Bridge at the opening of the bridge.  They then moved to a farm near Lufkin, Texas.  Mintie was born in Shongaloo, Louisiana December 3, 1891.

(See Pictures of Mintie's Family)


J.D. Green - 1908
 Photo 1, 1908. This picture of J.D. was part of a group photo.

 If you have an early picture of J.D. or Mintie, please contact me.


Mintie Slack family in 1800s

Photo 2, A tintype of Mintie, her parents, and her brother in 1902.

Her Mother, Sara F. (Adams) Slack was born 2/16/1875, died 10/6/1904, and buried in Lone Oak Cemetery, Sayre, OK.  Father and brother, Robert Leroy Slack (8/29/1860-10/6/1915) and Arthur Slack (8/29/1892-7/22/1971) are both buried in Lufkin, TX.

(See photo of Sara and Robert's tombstones)


In March 1912, J.D. and Mintie moved the family to a farm near Canute, Oklahoma.


Carlos, Madge, Clyde - 1912

Photo 3, 1912.  Carlos, Madge, and Clyde at home south of Canute, OK.


J.D. and Minti Green Family - 1918

Photo 4, 1918.  Front: Clyde, Nettie, Robert.  Back: Mintie, Madge, J.D.

Mintie died March 16, 1921 of pneumonia.  (See her Memoriam and Eulogy)

After two years, with a house full of children, J.D. married Alta Hunt Jan 2, 1923 at Mobeetie, Texas, who raised the children as her own. Alta was born in Dent County, Missouri May 25, 1894.

(See some of Alta's Family)


Alta Hunt 1920

Photo 5, about 1920. Alta Hunt


J.D. and Alta continued to live on the farm near Canute, Oklahoma and then

moved to a farm South of Cheyenne, OK in 1929.


J.D. Green - 1923

Photo 6, J.D. Green about 1925.  J.D. bought his first automobile in 1925, a 1924 Model T Ford.  Could this be a picture of the event?  This information was taken from an interview of J.D. by Charlie Sprowls.

(See a copy of that interview)

Jan 1, 1929, J.D. and Alta moved with their family to a farm 5 miles South and 1 1/2 miles East of Cheyenne. Their children attended the two-room Needmore School (See pictures of Needmore School), located one mile from the home, and then Cheyenne High School.  J.D. with the help of his family, ran a sorghum mill (See the sorghum mill), milked cows to sell cream, raised beef cattle, and conducted other farm activities common in that day. J. D. was a strict religious father and lay Nazarene preacher who helped start and build several churches.

(See a picture of baptism in J.D.'s water tank)


J.D. and Alta's Kids - 1934

Photo 7, 1934. Back: Alta and J.D. Front: Truman, Frances, Carl, and Homer.

(See more family pictures)

J.D. and Alta 1940

Photo 8, J.D. and Alta around 1940.


J.D. and family in 1945

Photo 9, A retouched photo of The J.D. Green family. (Carl, John, and Jesse were inserted into the photo.)


With the children raised, J.D. and Alta moved into Cheyenne in 1946, where they ran a creamery and feed store. (See photos of the creamery)


In 1960, they retired and bought and rented out homes in Cheyenne.  J.D. and Alta loved visiting and encouraging their grandchildren.

(See some pictures of grandchildren)


J.D. and Alta 1960

Photo 10, J.D. and Alta about 1960.

See pictures taken during family visits at their home in Cheyenne.


J.D. and Alta 1969

Photo 11, J.D. and Alta about 1969.


Alta became ill with an intestinal blockage and died Jan 1, 1972.  J.D. married Lydia Orgain in July 1972 and moved to her home South of Canute, Oklahoma.


J.D. and Lydia in 1972

Photo 12, J.D. and Lydia (Orgain) at their marriage in 1972.
(See more pictures of J.D. and Lydia)


At the age of 88, J.D. died of heart failure on October 29, 1975. His children had started having reunions in 1973 and still get together for reunions twice a year.

(See pictures of J.D.'s children at reunions)